Alcohol Addiction Caused By Lockdowns

“Being under lockdown during a worldwide pandemic has been hard on everyone, and many people are relying on greater quantities of alcohol to ease their distress,” Dr. Killgore said in a statement. “We found that younger people were the most susceptible to alcohol addiction use during the pandemic, which could set them on the dangerous path toward long-term alcohol dependence.”

lockdowns created a huge rise in domestic violence mostly from alcohol abuse. University of Arizona researchers are now calling for new intervention and prevention strategies for people in isolation at risk of becoming addicted to alcohol. Otherwise, they say there could be long-lasting health consequences for families as a whole.

“Increased time spent at home is a life stressor that impacts drinking and the Covid-19 pandemic may have exacerbated this stress,” says Sitara Weerakoon, a PhD candidate from the University of Texas.

“Future research should consider the potential for depressive symptoms acting as a moderator (a factor that changes the impact) in the relation between the time spent under a lockdowns,no job, and binge drinking.

“Being cooped up with family for weeks and months without a break can be difficult, but when excess alcohol gets mixed in, it can become a recipe for increased aggressive behavior and domestic violence,” he said. “I worry about the effect on families and children.”

Individuals with an alcohol addiction risk developing cancer, liver disease, injury, mental health problems and early death, according to a University of Arizona press release.  “Many of us are working from home, but this is not the same thing as being productive from home,” Killgore said. “The use of alcohol while ‘on the job’ at home is likely to reduce productivity at a time when the country needs us to be doing everything we can to sustain the economy.” The solution was worse than the problem

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