Substance abuse treatment is a behavior modification therapy for those who use drugs or alcohol to the detriment of themselves and others.

Law enforcement officials, politicians, and religious leaders often cite drug and alcohol abuse as evils so great that they threaten the survival of our society. Countless individuals worry constantly about their own and others' drinking or drug behaviors. Waiting to help all those with substance abuse "problems" are thousands of professionals in the "helping" professions. But are they really helping substance abusers? Or is substance abuse treatment (SAT) a racket designed primarily to make money or to promote some other selfish goal, with little regard for the health or well-being of patients? Or is SAT a mixture of good and evil, much like the people it avers to help?

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions

Criticizing those who profess to help substance abusers is unlikely to be welcomed either by those who see substance abuse as a subversive activity or by those who believe their own lives or the lives of loved ones have been or are now being destroyed by drugs or alcohol. The psychologists, psychiatrists, interventionists and aides who work in treatment facilities are unlikely to welcome criticism. Likewise for the owners and managers of such places. Nevertheless, it is unconscionable to allow an industry to go unchecked simply because they claim to have good intentions.

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