Drug and alcohol abuse is at the core of today’s society. Each year it is responsible for the break up of scores of families, marriage’s, and careers. It is also responsible for many Deaths due to violence, overdose’s, automobile accidents, and long term physical and psychological effects including Aids, Liver Disease, Heart Disease, Brain Damage and scores of others.

We have designed this website with the express purpose of spreading the message of recovery to the Alcoholics and Addicts that are still suffering, and to provide recovery tools and resources for those that are already in recovery and also for the family and friends of those suffering from chemical dependency problems.

Our Mission

Universal Health Network has a drug treatment program that is unique in several ways. Most treatment centers use a combination of 12-step recovery and group therapy in an effort to handle addiction. While some people respond to this type of treatment, many do not. The Network drug treatment program addresses three (3) areas that are not intensively treated in most other traditional programs.

Universal Health Network and Systems, Inc. have been serving the community since the year 2002. Our success rate versus recidivism rate at program completion has been tracked at 78% after many studies and follow-up with our graduates and through other data-driven findings and documentation.

Universal Health Network and Systems, Inc. “The 4th dimensions” Is a State of California Licensed and Certified Co-ed, Detoxification and Residential facility located in the Greater North East part of Fresno,@ 625-627 E. Keats Ave. Fresno, Ca. 93710

Company Profile

We are an In-Network Provider Participant (PPO) with most insurance companies, although every insurance plan is different, in general terms, many insurance companies will pay for part of the network provided the policy is not the HMO plan.

Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the greatest societal problems of recent times.  Addicts harm themselves and the world in general through crime, lost productivity, domestic violence, abuse in all definitions, neglect and error made while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, drunk driving, etc. The toll that addiction takes on everyone is staggering.  Universal Health Network and Systems, Inc. has the tools and answer to these problems as well as true data about drugs and their effect on the brain, the addicts and those around them